No Strongholds Ministries...
A Place For New Beginnings...
A Place Where Truth is Spoken
and True Worship is Alive...
If the Son has set you are free indeed...  John 8:36
Ever Found Yourself Wondering
Ever Asked Yourself:

- If God is out there and interested in me, why don't I ever hear  

- Why is life so hard?

- Why is it that no matter how much I get, I don't stay happy for   
very  long?

-  What is this giant hole in the center of me that never seems   
to be satisfied?

-  Is lonely and afraid just what Life is going to be for me?
You were not created to be alone or afraid!

The Bible tells us in II Timothy 1:7 that God did not give us a spirit of fear...  so if you have it, you got it
somewhere else - give it back!  

The same God that claims to have created you and knows all about you, promises that even though
living life in this world comes with irritations and difficulties, He has promised to stand by us and give us
freedom through victory over the enemy who seeks  to destroy us.
At No Strongholds Ministries, we understand your pain - because we have felt and experienced it.
More importantly, we have been delivered from those feelings of hopelessness and despair, and we
want to help you find those answers - the answers that gave us freedom from the things that were
holding us down, keeping us from living out the purposes God created us to accomplish.  

If you are someone who has said, "I went to church once and all I found was a bunch of hypocrites," or
you have been hurt by the people you thought would help you in a church - we want to talk to you.

The Jesus we serve is not  the Jesus that religion claims to know and serve.  The Jesus we serve - the
Jesus to whom we have dedicated our lives - is the Jesus who says He will never leave us or forsake us;
the Jesus who waits on high to be gracious to us!  This is the Jesus who created you and wants to have
a thriving, vibrant relationship with you!   He wants to give you peace,  joy, hope and confidence for the
future that  He has planned for you... if only you will say you're willing to trade in your current situation.
We invite you to contact us!  Let us introduce you to the Jesus that has changed our lives in ways that we could
never have imagined.  Investigate the rest of the site and tell us what you think.  

No matter where you are, no matter what you've done, no matter how you see yourself, the risen Jesus we know
loves you and wants to help you discover and fulfill the purpose He created you to accomplish, and live life to the
absolute fullest.  

We hope you will allow us the honor of helping you show your pain and loneliness the door.  Come and
experience the freedom that Jesus Christ offers in a relationship that will change your life for the better... forever.
Jesus wants to
be your best
We want to Help...
You don't have to be alone...
If you're tired of just

It's time for a new