So... What is
No Strongholds Ministries?

No Strongholds Ministries was born from an idea God placed in my head not long
after placing the call to full time ministry in my heart in 2002.

Originally, I had a vision for an organization whose purpose was to reach out to those
with addiction issues and show them the freedom offered through Jesus Christ.

No Strongholds Ministries has become so much more.  

After a lot of prayer and fasting, God has given me a vision for a church that will be
unlike anything this part of the country has ever seen.  This will be a church whose
mission is to reach out to those who have been chased away by those who have
proven to be more concerned with the rules and traditions of church than authentic
relationships with people... and the relationship they have with the One who created

Over the last 25 years, not much has changed in the way of those who sit in a pew on
Sunday just because it's Sunday - it's time that changed.  

For those of you who have decided God has nothing to offer, it's time for you to meet
the Jesus we serve - the Jesus that created each and every one of us with a
the Jesus that longs for the invitation to fill up our lives and work through us
to accomplish that purpose.

If you are someone that has decided church is not for you, that
God is not for you
because of the way you discovered church to be in the past, we invite you to come
and meet the Jesus we serve.  

No Strongholds Ministries (NSM) is a church that meets not because it's a particular
day of the week, but because we want to live life to its fullest - because we need (and
want) a family network that cares about us and the things that are going on in our

NSM is not a church that has small groups, but rather, a church that exists
of its small groups - we call them LifeLines.

NSM is a church whose existence proves to you that the Creator of the Universe
knows your name and wants to have a thriving, vibrant relationship with you.  We will
help you learn to grow and develop that relationship, to discover how He created you
to worship, assist you with uncovering the spiritual gifts He wired into you and identify
where you are supposed to be using it all ... to bring glory to the Father.  

Never again will you need to feel like you're battling life on your own!  

We'll get you plugged into a LifeLine whose sole purpose is to live life right alongside
you through the good, the bad, the best... and all the rest.  

Don't waste another day surviving life - come live life the way God intended for you to
live it!  

The creation can never be more fulfilled than when it is doing what it was created to

Think about it.  Read that statement again and ask yourself if you can say, "I'm living
life that way and I'll never go back to surviving!"

Read more about the Vision and Mission for No Strongholds Ministries on the
Mission/Vision page and feel free to contact us with questions or comments you
may have.

We look forward to getting to know you and watching you become a person who can
say you know the exact the reason you were born - the purpose God designed for
you before the first time He ever thought of your name.

Patrick E. Kemper
Senior Pastor
No Strongholds Ministries