Associate Pastor
Job Description

Below are some characteristics required for the person who will be the
Associate Pastor at No Strongholds Ministries (NSM).

This position will continue to develop with the needs of NSM.  An
interview and interaction with our senior pastor will allow for
discussion and further expansion of the characteristics listed.

The associate pastor for NSM will assume a support role to the senior
pastor and to the staff and congregation.  Candidates should be
multi-taskers who adapt well to change and flow with the unexpected.  
As a new and growing organization/church, NSM will be expanding in
many different directions and will require leadership that remains
focused on the vision/mission.  

Complete compliance with the vision and mission that has been given by
God to our senior pastor is non-negotiable.  

Successful candidates will have experience building, mentoring and
developing teams.  This position will require the ability to function as
an advisor and confidante to the senior pastor, support for staff peers,
and as a leader to those involved in the outreach efforts / programs of

The associate pastor for NSM must be a people person - organized,
detail-oriented and accountable for the completion of assignments
(either through your own efforts or through the efforts of those over
whom you are responsible).

Doctrinal and theological convictions must correspond with that of
NSM and its staff.  

Successful candidates will live by the obedience mentality upon which
NSM has been built and will be able to provide examples in their own
life where such a principle has been demonstrated.  

If you wish to be considered for this position, please submit your
resume via our
Contact Us page and we will respond to set up an
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