A Weekly Investment in Your Relationship...
                            A Forever Change In Your Life
Welcome to Break Free... a weekly, in-depth opportunity to examine your relationship with Christ and grow to new
levels of understanding, expectation and obedience.

  Each session is designed to challenge you in various areas of your relationship with Jesus.  Read through the
text and then work through the questions at the end of each session.  Be prepared to write out your thoughts and
your observations - if you are not willing to put some thought and effort into the questions, don't expect to have
much happen for you beyond having a new perspective introduced to your mind for the few minutes you spend
  Empirical data substantiates the truth that we remember only about 10% of what we hear, but retain
approximately 75% more when we write it down and spend time contemplating.
  I have gone to intentional effort to make the questions rise above the conventional, ambiguous fluff that can be
experienced in a Christian curriculum.  Take the week to work through the three areas of
beginning, middle and end of the week.  If you discover that you do not feel you have accomplished what you
believe should be within the week, refuse to move on - stay... pray with a listening heart to capture what God is
wanting you to hear.
Submit and wait.
Focus on listening to the Holy Spirit with a heart prepared to obey.