Our Senior Pastor is Patrick Kemper.
God used Patrick to create No
Strongholds Ministries in 2008.  

Called into the ministry in 2002, Patrick
has dedicated his life to serving Christ
through a philosophy in which  
obedience is the main focus.

It is upon this focus that No
Strongholds Ministries has been
birthed.  When God rescued the
Israelites from slavery in Egypt, He
reminded them that if they would just
be obedient to the rules He had set for
them, He would bless them and protect

Patrick is single-minded in his focus as
God leads him and as he works to
maintain a posture of obedience
through personal worship and
submission to whatever God asks him
to do.

Patrick is currently writing a book
entitled: Chasing The Relationship...
Batteries Included.

He and his wife Lynn have eight
children...  Marissa, Eric, Tahj,
Rachael, Vanessa, Jonathan, Olivia
and Michael.
Baptising his daughter Vanessa
summer of '08
Meet Our Pastor...
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