No Strongholds
I Have A Perfect Father

I have a perfect Father... and not just in the fun, slogan-on-the-coffee-cup way.  

The perfection of my Father is - has become reality for me - because of
the way He fathers.

My earthly dad never really cared all that much, so it was really tough for me to get to the place where the love of a father, or even
interaction of a father, had any value. But I want you to know I do have a perfect Father who is... The Ultimate Father.  He
always knows where I am. He chooses to know what I am doing, what I am thinking.  He is always aware of what I want, what I
need, what is best for me... and (thankfully, without any disappointment) what I can handle.  

He is a perfect Father not because
He has, but because He  IS all the right answers and always, without fail, does what is best for His
children...whatever it takes.

The Perfect Father.  

My Father is always more than fair and generous. Always good. Always holy and always...completely...trustworthy.  He is the
absolute example of sacrifice - for the benefit of His kids - having spared no expense.  He is not perfect because I acknowledge Him
to be so; it is
because He is that I cannot help but recognize this truth as I experience Him.

My Father is intentionally attentive to every detail of my life in an effort to make clear the paths I am to choose - the best paths for
me that will please Him, so He can more easily continue to be the Father He most wants to be for me.  

One of His greatest pleasures is derived from my understanding this truth because, only in grasping how selfless His love is and how
drastic the gesture, will I ever be able to receive the generosity He has already extended toward my needs.

He is my Father because He chose to be.

It is not because of what I have done or have to offer,
but in spite of who I am...and what I do not.

Do you know that He wants to be yours, too?
It's... true.

The hole you have been trying to fill for so long remains unfilled because it has only one solution.  It happens to be the shape and
size that only the hands of a true, loving and compassionate Father can close.  

Jeremiah 29:12-14 says this:
You will call to Me and come and pray to Me, and I will listen to you.  You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with
your whole heart.  I will be found by you, this is the Lord's declaration...

If you have ever imagined what it would be like to be adopted by someone who loves you more than you could ever comprehend,
someone who knows every detail about you (yet
still chooses to care about you); someone who has unlimited time, resources and
(most importantly) interest in your success and development; someone who has plans for you and will not be satisfied until you are
all that you were created to be...allow me to introduce you to my Father.

The creation can never be more fulfilled than when it is doing what it was created to do...and can never more effectively and
efficiently do so than in the hands of The One who created it.  

Submit your life to the One who created you, today, and discover the truth -  you have a perfect Father who is waiting for you to
invite His presence and interaction.  

In truth, from your heart, offer these words (or whatever variation is real for you)...

Holy, Sovereign Father, you deserve all the credit for being The Perfect Father.  

I want to have a relationship with you.  I believe you are The Perfect Father and You sent your perfect Son, Jesus, to die and pay
the debt I owe.  I believe there has to be a better way and I want you to help me follow yours.  

I understand you chose me first. You rescued me from what was my future and my eternity, so I offer this rescued life for whatever
you ask of me, for the rest of my days, and I am counting on you to help me understand and execute because I haven't got a clue
what that looks like at this moment.  I want you to be my Perfect Father - to love me and help me.  I will give you my best effort as
you show me the way.

Thank you for your promise that this relationship cannot ever be taken away or voided unless I choose to end it.  I say these things
to you, because Jesus' sacrifice makes it acceptable.  Please show me the way.  May you be proud of me, and may you be glorified
through my obedience.

If you have offered this heart-felt prayer, asking God (my perfect Father) to be yours, we want to hear from you!  Please contact
us at the number, or the email, below. We would love to hear your story and help you to understand, to put some tools in your
hands for your new journey - for your new connection with your perfect Father.  

No Strongholds Ministries