Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Job Description:

No Strongholds Ministries Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts

Responsibilities and Expectations

Worship is our response, both personal and corporate, to God, for who He is and what He has done,
expressed in and by the things we say and the way we live. The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts
must be called by the Lord to serve the body of Christ through his/her giftedness in worship ministry.
This person must be a director, leader and shepherd who glorifies God both in public ministry and
personal life. This person must be firmly committed to reach people and grow people through worship
and creative arts. Worship and arts are done in a modern, contemporary and culturally relevant manner.

I. Director Time allocation 40%

Weekly coordination and direction of the music and arts ministries is the highest priority for the Pastor of
Worship and Creative Arts, with the main goal being to lead the NSM congregation in a passionate
worship experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. This includes sufficient time for preparation and planning in
order to achieve rehearsal sessions that reflect quality and efficiency. He/she must:

1. Be committed to nurturing musical and creative arts excellence in the worship life of the church.
2. Develop, recruit, and oversee God-centered worship teams that will serve this congregation in
corporate worship

a. Provide training for vocalists and instrumentalists who seek to serve this body through their  musical
skills. This would include individual spiritual and musical assessments of worship team members and
teaching the worship values of the philosophy of ministry.  

b. Plan and lead regular rehearsals so as to ensure preparedness and excellence in our corporate
worship services.   
c. Develop and oversee a passionately committed and quality worship band.  

d. Oversee use of creative arts (video, drama, imaginative ways of communication).   
e. Recruit, rehearse, and lead the major worship venues at NSM.

3. Be available as a resource person for other ministries and be proactive in supporting all other           
ministries where worship plays a role.
4. Be responsible for expenditures of the Worship Ministry.
5. Maintain music subscriptions and instruments.
6. Coordinate calendar for worship ministry within the direction and vision of NSM.

II. Worship Leader Time allocation 30%

The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts must maintain a worship vision and philosophy that is
consistent with No Strongholds Ministries vision and mission. He/she must also have a pastor’s heart and
excel in both worship and musicianship. Promoting unity and a team approach to ministry is a priority.
Must be a real team player and team builder.
1. Communicate the importance of God’s Word and prayer to the church family
2. Facilitate growth and understanding of corporate and personal worship
3. Have a pastor’s heart to shepherd the worship and creative arts ministry participants and lead the
congregation in God-centered worship.
4. Be eager and open to the Holy Spirit’s leading under the guidance of the Word for the equipping of
the church.
5. Display a passionate gifting for leading the congregation in broadening expressions of biblical, God-
centered worship.
6. Raise up and recruit new faces, as well as mentor, teach, train, and oversee other worship leaders
within NSM. This would include building and equipping teams and raising up interns, volunteers and
gifted lay-leaders.
7. Work with the Senior Pastor and creative arts team to orchestrate our entire worship services so all
components of worship work together to support the theme and message of the services.
8. Prayer is the essential foundation of all effective ministry. By example, he/she must lead our
congregation in prayer.

III. Shepherd Time allocation 20%

The Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts should have a pastor’s heart. He/she must be a person who
loves people and actively seeks to understand them. Building a sense of community and nurturing
others in their faith and walk are priorities.
1. Enlist, develop and train leadership for worship and creative arts ministries.
2. Attend related workshops/conferences.
3. Be eager and able to seek out and mentor the next generation of worship leaders.

Pastoral Care
1. Available to counsel and visit the congregation as needed.
2. Encourage and build up the worship and creative arts family by communicating God’s Word.

IV. Additional Duties Time Allocation 10%
1. Attend weekly staff meetings.
2. Participate in all assigned church events as a member of the pastoral staff team.
3. Participate in all events and assignments as designated by the senior pastor.

1. Possess a significant breadth of musical competency, training, and experience to serve as a
foundation for the coordination, rehearsal, and use of a variety of musical groups and artistic
• Bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent preferred.
• Minimum of 5 years worship leading experience
• Substantive theological foundation
• Working technical knowledge in the area of creative arts and multi-media.
• Has a huge heart for God and a passion to worship and lead others in worship.

Lines Of Accountability
Under the Lord, the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts will be responsible to the Senior Pastor in
carrying out his/her ministry and in matters of policy and possible conflict.
1. The annual compensation for this position will be determined by the Board of Directors.
2. This job description will be reviewed annually.
3. There will be an annual performance review for this position conducted by the Personnel Committee
and Senior Pastor in accordance with church policies and procedures.

1. Unreservedly embrace the church vision, mission and core values.
2. Meet the biblical qualifications outlined in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 and be a person of deep
faith in God who evidences a growing Christ-like life and a ministry grounded in the Word and prayer.
3. Work in harmony with the ministry staff and be committed to promoting staff unity.
4. This person will live a godly life in private and public, faithful to their calling as a Pastor and a child of
5. This person will apply the highest ethical standards, namely God’s standards, in all their business
6. This person will live a life above reproach, free from any form of sexual immorality with no
questionable connections or relationships, taking whatever steps necessary to avoid even the
appearance of evil and any situation that might dishonor God and the integrity of the position he/she
holds in the church.
7. This person will excitedly join the staff to continue to reach as many people as we possibly can and
grow them as deep as we possibly can. A Team Player and Team Builder!!!!

The Heart of our Worship Leader
Everyone must work at our worship of God. This doesn’t just happen. Upfronters, prompters (from Anne
Ortlund’s classic Up With Worship) are needed to lead the rest of God’s people in their corporate
worship of God and hopefully stimulate and educate participating worshipers in their personal times with
Him. It takes true worshipers to lead others in true worship. Hence the need for someone to lead other
worship leaders and the rest of the congregation.

So, we are looking for someone who:
• Has a huge heart for God and a passion to worship and lead others in worship.
• Is able to draw others into God’s presence.
• Has the ability, desire, giftedness and leadership skills to lead all of us, recruit, equip, and rehearse
people (e.g., singers and instrumentalists) necessary to move us forward in more contemporary forms of
• Is able to formulate all such services in his/her own mind and heart with an ability to engage other
worship team members in the process and then lead them in making it happen.
• Values excellence in all that is presented to the Lord in worship.
• Is passionate about new music and current artistic expression.
• Is able to discern the level of competence of potential worship team members, the sincerity of their
hearts and then decided when and if they are ready to lead others in worship as he/she works with them.
• Has an appreciation for other arts besides music (e.g., spoken word, video, drama, dance) and is able
to oversee and incorporate them in our worship experiences.

If you wish to be considered for this position, please visit the audio page of this website and listen to the
story of our senior pastor - which includes more insight into the worship mentality that will be performed
in the NSM service and the vision/mission to which the Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts must ascribe

If, after listening to this recording, you wish to be considered, submit your resume via the
page and be sure to include contact information so we may respond.